Friday, April 25, 2014

Bayan Palace, Washington D. C., Tokyo, Shenzhen, Kunming, and Osonu: The Fancy Dots

Bayan Palace, Washington D. C., Tokyo, Shenzhen, Kunming, and Osonu: The Fancy Dots
April Snethen                                                                           Zhang Skylar
  Bayan Palace                                                                         Yve-Alain Bois
    Curt Sharp                                                                        Xiangfan City
      Delaine Buzingo                                                          William Bill Raun
         Enlai Zhou                                                             Vince Pethrie
            Freeman J. Dyson                                              Universal Universe 
              Garrett Christian                                            Thomas Perez
                 Hailey Selman                                            Sasha Obama
                    Igor Karaca                                           Rongji Zhu
                       Jackie Mitts                                     Quiet Mann (Movie)
                          Kaihui Yang                               Patricia McClain
                            Lindsay Duncan                    O’Brien Leming
                                Macau (Aomen)   ||     Nick Hollman
                                   Madrid             ||         N’Djamena Osonu
                                 Liangxiang                         Orlando
                              Kim Nelson                             Phoenix
                            Jackson                                        Qiao Er Liu
                          Indonisia                                          Romania
                        Haidian of Peking                                San Francisco
                      Guthrie                                                    Tongxian
                    Fangshan                                                     Uganda
                  Edmond Low                                                 Valletta
               Des Moines                                                         Washington D. C.
            Chaoyang                                                                  Xiangtan
         Bronx of New York                                                       Yana of Russia
       Augusta  of Maine                                                              Zaire                                                      
Nutrition factors matter,
One’s attitude decides,
Daily meditation and fair weather,
Let seasons’ change grace Alma Mather. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pome As LigWuo Fruit

A sub-tribe malinae of family Rosaceae,
Pome is an accessory fruit composed of one or more carpels
that are wrapped by accessory tissues such as fruit cortex,
hypanthium, torus, etc. (by wikipedia).

Also, according to research by Esau, Jonathan Pereira, Fred Kilmel,                                             Joseph Carson, Alfred Swaine Taylor, George Owen Rees,                                                                 and Hickey King, Pome fruits have hard inner cores, juicy crunch meat,                                                 and share rooms with apples, pears, hawthorn, toyon, quince, rowan, and white beans.

Sample Pome fruits can be: apples (figs, olives, malus domestica),
pears (genus, pyrus, Alcinous), the content of poem seems whiter and shape
oval alike as the result of a rosaceae branch...poem fruits are good for our brain
development and can be considered as wit food and can be found all over USA.

Special thanks to those who contribute to poem fruit studies,
Potter Erikson, Tami Evans, Smedmark Jica, Morgan Kerr, Robertson Arsenalt,
Julie Bright, Moore Shinoso, Malin Town, Dickinson Campell, and Norse Greek.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Biking Around, On or Off Line!

As a juvenile, I like bike riding,
it is similar to food diet or sight seeing;
Janet Noella is my cousin,
Wanda Bassia sets me training;
Two wheels, bicycle magic,
Getting the duet-cycle going and going,
Learning how to hop on is a challenge,
Mastering how to take off takes practice.

Epcot Disney Barron shares his new bike,
Montaro Burns Francisco goes on strike,
Frank Nixon flies a kite,
Harry Manshen Myers buys a bottle of spirit,
"A panda on the bike,"
Matty Roger Port grins wide,
"A monkey is watching beside,"
Pamela Odelay cannot help laughing from Red riverside.

Yuanbril Ochieng spots my bike online,
Jennifer Shanan decides to have the same bike fun;
Sasha Okala follows me around,
Jarvis Christian joins me to riders' fair ground,
Morris Pickens bring in snacks,
Kimberly Spoeneman Molen is relieved that no flat tires, no direct wrecks.

Listening to Warren Caroline Smith radio,
I let Philander Terzer Buffet seal my day.