Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dial It Up

dial it up,
Calvin Klein men'a eyewears,
An automatic bonus.
OU boomer Sooner sporters kick,
OSU cowboys run, steal, throw, and catch,
UK Jayhawks jump, aim, pass, and score.
dial it up,
Dollar Tree water bottles,
The seashells are pale and cute.
Victoria's secret,
the way snow white Christian impresses,
Orlando attracts Tampa.

if not reconstructing America, Understanding USA then... (world peace business act number 4)

Some are confused,
Some appear indifferent,
I'm clear!
This is America, and under constitution,
We stand as an individual,
free, living, loving, and profound.
No force shall remove our freedom,
no policeman shall question our integrity,
No presidents shall confront our intention of conservative living.
We go to work,
We shop for clothing and food,
We write for inner satisfaction.
We appreciate Uncle Sam, Abram Lincoln, Bill Clinton,
We understand George Bush, Donald Reagan, Thomas Jefferson,
We value Barack Obama, John F. Kennedy, and Benjamin Franklin.
freedom is not free,
losing freedom means losing control,
world peace costs,
without peace, without comfortable friendships.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Marta and Ellen's Nutrition Advocacy

to travel,
book air tickets, hotels, car rental ahead;
to stay put,
order housekeeping magazine.
no smoking,
no drunk driving,
no drugs,
no relationship rages.
Sarta and Sealy Mattress may be best,
I use lady American instead,
Beats music, iTunes radio, pandora,
Rdio, Spotify, Tidal musical services are hot.
I choose birds' sing,
Sonos, sorry, or Bose in between.
Marta prefers baby carrots milk and chicken,
Ellen picks brown eggs, apples, and pork then,
sweet potatoes say gravy,
blueberries say Old Navy.
Gorgeous appleyard,
Lush Landscape,
Cub Cadet llawn tractors,
John Deers or Craftsman Vacuum Cleaners.
Open space,
Indoor Grace,
Drive your hardware online with care,
Shop with your Mercedes-Benz Gla star burst car with beautiful software.



 Peas—Ripe and ready to eat

These are the sugar snap peas. I also planted 2 types of shelling peas ...