Sunday, May 24, 2015

fly all the way from Will Roger airport to Dallas, then Hong Kong

tickets booked,
clothes washed,
credit card cased,
mind folded...

a trip to East Asian,
it is a challenge to most people in America,
passport, visa,
suitcase, money and hotel delta,

we use American airline this time,
will run over Aqua Luna harbor discovery tour in Hong Kong,
Victoria peak is interesting plus the Langham Hong Kong,
eat at Tim Ho Wan and walk on Wanchai island,
then we dream of Shenzhen museum statue,

within 6 days,
our feet extend to Benjia Korean food and Cui Yuan Jade Garden spices,
Guangzhou Canton TV tower and Macau museum will be a hit,
not to mention Dallas skilink rides, Houston, and Fortworth pizzas.

I bet India, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Russia, Mongolia do watch us fly,
and Liyuan Peng, Jinping Xi, Yansheng Bai, etc along with Barack Obama
agree to let go, and allow those wild birds tip toe to withhold their personal restrictions
and enjoy a fairground ride along Beijing, Shanghai, Japan, and California sightseeing.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Midwest Adventure at Lawrence, Kansas

Evan Tosing has fun doing cello instruction,
when he promotes students to Lawrence via letter of recommedation.
Elizabeth White, Wenjia Xu, Allen Yen, Sean Yen, Jacob Black, Devin Peck,
Aurica Rising, Vega Martinez, Ashton Nicole Mainord, Yuekun Feng, Victor Nguyen,
James David Henneberry, Sheng Wu, Sandy Wright, Lisa Storm, Amelia Wilson, Paige Bush,
Austin Mitchell, Diane Chen, Sifan Zhang, John Rong, Madeline Sage, Rachel Hagemeier...
Recall the July music camp at McCollum Hall Room 1021,
That's where our musicians reside at Murphy Hall, Lawrence, Kansas.
It seems like music chior enlightens all,
Bless Tracy S. Ressegule the orchestra conductor,
or John Lynch, Tom Stidham, Rob Foster, Arnald Gabriel, Kevin Peek, Cara Sharp, John Schimek,
Brianna Upton, Jim LaRocca, Gena Alexander, Dawn Thrailkill, Erin Craig, Brad Benson.
this phrase includes Stillwater News press, The Oklahoman, Tulsa World, New York Times,
because mostly, they report updated artists awards and promote mutual benefits,
thus, when it comes to world peace,
music concerts and Blue Clue festivals are very vital to community grace.
play an instrument,
work with private, public school tutors and teachers,
fine tune your mood,
let the common ground of love, laughter, and happiness grow roots.


Monday, May 4, 2015

Math, Peace, Freedom, and Friendship

last week,
He is given a bookmark
that comes from university of Nebraska,
a benchmark for Las Vegas math star.
This week,
He is given a teapot,
that is sold at university of Kentucky,
a gift of peace and freedom at cincinati.
next week,
he will be given a high speed train ticket
from Shijiazhuang to Xinxiang, involving capital normal and Beijing university,
Because Baoquan Yuan, Guiqiang Chen, Fanghua Lin, Jinrun Chen, Jiangsheng You, Lizheng Tao,
choose Jiaozuo, Tianjin friendship,
Another way to buy peace, and research expertise.
he is doing final examination on vector calculus students,
who come from Heilongjiang, Qiqihar, Ulumuqi, Moscow, Tokyo, Austin, El Paso, Knoxville
and who have been majoring in pure or applied math at Oklahoma state university
so that real analysis and complex analysis parallel
and number theory pops like shooting stars.