Saturday, January 30, 2016

folks from yale university won't stop hoping for peaceful growth

cottonwood, plywood, driftwood,
muddy water safeguards swan boats

frank wang, emily wang, chris wang
amy wong travels to Vietnam and Evanston

Jason Shebester, Laynie Shebester, Evan Shebester,
three dragons from Shawnee fire lake web master

tom sell, amy sell, ben sell,
broken arrow sits next proudly to Bristow

Michael underwood, Deborah underwood, Alex underwood,
John Owasso the Rams along with Pearl Harbor soldiers well understood

Lawrence Roth, Janice Roth, Amanda Roth,
all three fish swim in school of Logan Roy, Dennis Roy, and Gina Roy

Robert and Tammy Pickens speak on behalf of Victoria Pickens,
Chi Chi Omeke, Morgan Pearson, and Njoki Mwarumba decide to eat fried chickens

Patrick Pham and Maria Nguyen bear Jackie Pham,
Carla Brassfield, Tresten Pope, Janayah Murray join wild card game

Carter Loomis, Rynel Luo, Nick Murphy feel strange,
why David Lyle Boren falls silence when it comes to Bruzy Westheimer

Michelle Leffler has fun with Mimi Schapiro,
Kevin Harris feels the power in Molly Haddox

the day has become longer and longer,
Karla Ferrero, Anna Marie Evans, and Fahmida Khan have traveled fairer

Thursday, January 14, 2016

happy sixth year anniversary to Thursday Poets Rally (Jan 14, 2010--Jan 14, 2016): two free verse samples


I am a Butterfly.
I am one of the most beautiful insects of the world.
I eat nectar, but
I don't harm the flowers.
I have many enemies.
I wander through the forests playing with all my butterfly friends.
Their names are; Hippy, Dippy, Hopi, and Floppy.
I can't forget my best friends.
Poppy and Moppy.
But do you know who really are my best friends?
Could you try to guess?
I think you might have a good idea.
I like how you like to be you and not somebody who you aren't.


Here I swim, with my friends.
They jump around me and flip in the air.
I am in Florida.
There is lots of different kinds of dolphin’s
I am a Bottled nosed dolphin.
I slip in the water to find my prey.
My predators are sharks and some bigger
animals than me that live in the ocean.
I see something standing on land that I have seen
There is a noise coming from there. I keep playing with my friends. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

short story slam week 36

short story slam week 36, Dec. 31, 2015 --Jan 17, 2016

Joyce is about two when her family moved from North Korea to Somalia,
where her father will be a construction worker to the country, and her mother
will be a home maker, supporting her and cook for the dad.

the language her preschool teacher speaks is very strange,
Joyce stopped smiling for quite a few days, because almost
nobody considers her as a friend, and the caregiver also gossips
about something odd, yet, Joyce tried to be positive.

eventually, Joyce is arranged to visit another family who are from
South Korea, although they are not supposed to be friends, somehow,
a north korean, a south korean, a Somalia friend too, together they share 
 a meal, and play come toys some people brought from USA....

the outsider won't agree, regardless what others think, Joyce begins to adore 
those kids in her classroom, and she simply copy cat her peers to say
words she never believes she would speak, and also eat what is given to her,
soon, she can wave hello and goodbye to strangers, and her smile makes
her mother happy.

During Christmas, Joyce has a few new toys, and her father takes her to
his working place for a visit, and she has watched some Fancy show in TV,
life seems normal although she is away from her birth place.

Her South Korea friend invites her over very often, and Kimchi often makes 
her cough, but learning something new makes Joyce feel happy.

nobody can predict Joyce's future, but her experience at North Korea, South Korea, America, and Somalia will always be treasure to her memory and growth.