Friday, April 29, 2016

short story slam week 43

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pakistan and beijing
a power connecting two nations

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

short story slam week 42, the mid-west bullet board and card games

Image result for university of chicago department of medicine 

Image result for university of chicago department of medicine 
Image result for university of chicago department of medicine 
Image result for university of chicago department of medicine 

University of Chicago Physicians Group
74 Remittance Drive
Suite 1385
Chicago, IL 60675

Danelle, Toledo Jones, Uduak, Emily, Julie speak,
some think of their hometown sweet peak

Priya John, Ben Sanchez, Mary Ann Flynn, wow,
Jeffery Jasper, Sarah Pae, Anne Hong, and Scott Matusex, Cool..

Port Discovery Children's Museum
35 Market Place • Baltimore, MD 21202
Charles Simic, Theresa Burke, Deborah Wu, Yuan Peng, Rhinelander Wilson, Nowata Yan

Scott Leming, Benjie Lechery,  John Federle, John Zekos, Matam Murphy,
Charles Mullins, Larry Page, Charles Fraser, Frang Wang, Uwe Dordon, Mario Ottino

Jennifer Arnold, David Poplack, Mark Kline, Monifa Thomas, Mark Wu,
lots of confusion shrinks as these people go further to see Marissa Mayer

tired of researching?
time to sit, and relax

because we invent, support, value, and back up energy resources,
and we still trust Gina Noble, Mary Fallin, Chris Christie, Yves Benoist, and Ted Cruz

despite the tide against Gainsville,
we push, we highlight Mitch Smith, Bulent Yagcier, Lynette Whaltum, Larie Wail,

Laurie Walle and Jess Valle are curious,
thus, we connect Burns Haergis and Ann Harigs to Mary Marre, Max Engelstein, and Carlos Kenig.

apple computer
dell screen

pixma and pixco printers
hp laptops

Suisun city, Jacaranda Drive, CA
Johnson street, Rhinelander road, WI

relax, relax,
stay put, stay upbeat

Sunday, April 17, 2016

poetry rally week 83, number two on world wide web network, one world, lots of members

not sure what's ahead
i drive my car, my feet on gas paddle

not to break easily,
but to relax, sightseeing

i wonder how many planets in this universe,
and how many places on this green earth????

differential equation,
linear algebra

vector calculus
group theory

abstract math,
applied fluid

Taylor Swift inspires
Gilbertine Bieber advises

Blair Swift, Pam Swift,
Gilbert Bieber, Diann Mullen

Peter Segal, Peter Sherwood,
Ted Cruz, Nick Jeley

Ted Mullen, Max Bieber,
Cynthia Quinn, Michael Quinn

Charles Page, Suo Feng,
Zen Shijie, Wu Hongping

Anne Arundel Hamilton, Sharon Segal,
Nicholas Rocco, Esco Long

Lonnie Snowden, donald Martin,
constance Bieber, Booz Allen Hamilton

Jessica Snowden, Kunia Camp,
Lindsay Mills, Laura Poitras

Glenn Greenwald, Wayne Wood,
Ballard Wood, Wu Aime

Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange
John Harvard, Norman Minow

Josephine Baskins, Amber Fira,
Betty Ryder, Robert Guyette

Thomas Gombos, Mary Fallin,
Megan Barry, Max Barry

Paco Reboller, William Swift
Sarah Swift, Julie Tonsil

Jim Rudisill, Jami Swift,
Kathleen Swift, Molly Swift

Sam Walton, Walt Disney,
Audi Murphy, Nick murphy

Leonard Swift, Dennis Vandevelde
Barack Obama, Michelle Robinson

Tammy Swift, Phelps Swift,
James Swift, James Pickens

Austin Mitchell, Connie Mitchell,
Joe Mitchell, Zhou Huiju

world peace
nutrition fits

green, juicy, fruitful acts
never expect the world to rain money on you unless you have an employer