Thursday, August 4, 2016

Thursday Prompts, plus short story slam week 49

D for  Dandelions

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  Image result for dandelion

bold cafe sign...

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 dandelion is pretty
so does American daily grind

receiving a free coupon from Granny's
News press has stress off their chests

busy, mostly, having fun showing humor
Thrust twists unfettered currents

Steve's grill, Trenton and Timothy,
Tice Sheriff votes for Laura Homeland
Family creative page
check to run a maraTHON until you reach finish line
Flower fields,
lots of innocence go missing through singing birds
Chicago tug boats,
Downtown Symphony orchestra is hot due to Yo Yo Ma and Lori Moore
Six Word Saturday 


Busy mostly, having fun showing humor



short story slam week 50,

Short Story Slam Week 50, 8/4/---8/21, 2016, on hope, education, memory, invention, and satisfaction

Whirligig 71 

  photo d31beafa-b7f5-4e12-8f34-7b52c394db22_zpsrhfxydfw.jpg 

august doubts
enemies haul heavy thoughts

sheep den
waters spill wobbles of worry

safe side grass
chilly chair empty with sundae skin

lonely path
concrete pavement faces soft breeze

spotty shadow of iron gate
short grass watches blue blanket above your head

skyward snapshot
lost twiggs lay silent without being attached to tree sprout