Thursday, April 13, 2017

poetry and friendship in dynamic tense, short story slam week 66


Audene street
Britton mower twist its engine
Casting noise clockwise
drewwBarn style
eric and steven kindness

Forest city
Gloria checks out Pam Brown and Rory Gates rice
Hartfort avenue
Iain Pybus and Neel Rao speak Spanish
Joe Kansas OnCue coffee

Karen Baker crafting shops
Laura Ingalls Wilder fiddles Holly song via Mary's wonder
Marie Blake bakes delicious chocolate cookies
Norton Ross walk through Mars
Pretending, tossing marbles of cotton bowls toward earth

Quotes from Jupiter
Rue Roger meets Will Penn Davis Roger
Sandy West tastes Mr. PHO at Boston,
Ted Wellendorf plants unique Tuckey meats in Walmart,
Urumuqi names itself Tealyoung

Voodoo and Dulane beer
West Virginia has ties at Donald Trump and John Kerry tents
Xu Zhimo and Christina Domingo Mulvane could write similar words
Yellow stone park is famous for its Volcano of Geyser made by Shraton Johnston
Zebras and Ostrich do guest scanning via Dennis Leonard and Sophia Trump


short story slam week 66, march 30, 2017-april, 30