Saturday, May 6, 2017

weekend prompts

Roses [Friday My Town Shoot Out]
   rosemary gabe


Donald Nalsty Hall has a warless wallet
he presses hard on Barron magazine,
tossing silver coins everywhere,
seeking tiny old gaze from clover techcrunch dinner meals
melting snow
parching Robin bills
driftswood raise geese height from milkweeds
monthly touring OLD FAITHFUL from Ann Mountain
what a sweet note
to peacewirer Virginia Hargis and Susan Ruschner,
janet napoleons
flared tires give in to hard concerete
our inner body says "sleep well, strayed feather baby"
while Quartz Mountain resort orchestrs
Ballet, Fine Writing, Photography, Modern Dance
and Yo Yo Ma orchestra


THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "Old Roses" by Donald Hall: tiny, old, flare, gaze, month, clover, thick, milkweed, drifts, melt, parch, perishes



shot story slam week 67, world peace year 6, jp at olive garden week